Renault Samro

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Price information

Price € 22000.00


Id number R002578

Brand Renault

Brand Samro

Type Premium 460.19 4x2 volume curtain sider + trailer

1st registration date05/09/11 (d/m/y)

V.i.n. VF624APA000002578 + VK1CD19TJ2PEB0043

Mileage (km) 652800

Country of registration FR

Dimensions 1870x250x400


Number of driven axles 1

Number of axles 2

Configuration 4x2

Suspension steel /air /air

Axle brand Fontenax


Height of loading floor 100 cm

Drum brakes

Net weight Truck 9820, Trailer 4800 kg

Gross weight Truck 19000 kg, Trailer: 19000 kg

Gross weight 40000 kg

Wheelbase 550 cm

Fuel capacity 1000 liters

Trailer coupling

Tyre condition 90/100/100/100

Tyre size (front) 315/60R22.5

Tyre size (rear) Truck 315/60R22.5 / Trailer 445/45R19.5


Engine brand Volvo

Engine power (hp) 460

Gearbox type Automatic gearbox

Gearbox brand ZF

Type retarder Volvo Engine Brake

Number of gears 0

Euro standard 5

Differential lock

Cruise control

Traction control


Cabin type High roof



Auxillary heating

Beds 1


Brand of superstructure Samro

Curtain sides

Sliding roof

Dimensions 730x250 cm


Additional information Euro 5, AdBlue, Volvo DXI engine, Automatic gearbox (2 pedals), Traction control, Cruise control, Samro curtain side box, Internal dimensions 730x250 cm, Adjustable roof height, High roof cabin, 1 Bed, Air conditioning, Night heater, Digital tacho // Samro 2-axle drawbar trailer, Internal dimensions 815x250 cm, Adjustable roof height, Air suspension, Drum brakes, Tyres 445/45R19.5, Fontenax axles // Total shipment dimensions 1870x250x400 cm.