Volvo KWB

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Price information

Price € 27500.00


Id number V331602

Brand Volvo

Type FM12-380 6X2 + Hiab XS144 ES-3 + trailer

1st registration date03/01/03 (d/m/y)

V.i.n. YV2J4CMC83B331602 / YA9A182LV2B148656

Mileage (km) 675450

Country of registration BE

Dimensions 1870x250x370

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Configuration 6x2

Suspension steel /air /air

Axle lift


Crane manufacturer Hiab

Type of crane XS144 ES-3 Duo

Year off 2002

Maximum crane length 10.2 m

Maximum weight crane 6000 kg at 2.2 m, 1340 kg at 10.1 m

Number outriggers 4

Crane controls both

Crane position back frame

Cranedata hydraulicextensions 3

Cranedata rotator


Height of loading floor Truck 130 cm, Trailer 100 cm

Net weight Truck 12140 kg, Trailer 4720 kg

Gross weight Truck 26000 kg, Trailer 18000 kg

Wheelbase Truck 490 (1-2), 135 (2-3), Trailer 165 cm

Chassis height 105 cm

Trailer coupling

Tyre condition Truck 35/90/50, Trailer 80/80

Tyre size (front) 315/80R22.5

Tyre size (rear) 315/80R22.5


Engine brand Volvo

Engine power (hp) 380

Gearbox type Automatic gearbox

Gearbox brand Volvo

Number of gears 0

Euro standard 3

Differential lock

Cruise control

Traction control


Cabin type Day cabin



Auxillary heating


Brand of superstructure Jacobs

Dimensions 655x250 cm


Additional information Hiab XS144 ES-3 Duo loading crane, Mounted at end of chassis, 3 Hydraulic extensions, Max. lifting capacity 6000 kg at 2.2 m, 1340 kg at 10.1 m, Max. hydraulic outreach 10.1 m, Rotator, Remote control, 4 Support legs, Year of manufacture 2002 // Jacobs drawbar trailer, Plateau length 810 cm, Loading height 100 cm, Tyres 265/70R19.5, Trailer MGW 18000 kg // Truck shipment dimensions: 1000x250x370 cm, Drawbar trailer shipment dimensions: 1000x250x160 cm, Combined shipment dimensions 1870x250x370 cm.