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Price information

Price € 25500.00


Id number R106448

Brand Renault

Type Kerax 370.26 DCI + Hiab 144BS-2 HiDuo + rotator

1st registration date07/07/05 (d/m/y)

V.i.n. VF633DVB000106448

Mileage (km) 304300

Country of registration FR

Dimensions 1030X250X370


Suspension steel


Hours worked 10280

Crane manufacturer Hiab

Type of crane 144 BS-2 HiDuo

Year off 2005

Maximum crane length 7.8 m

Maximum weight crane 14.5 tm (142 kNm)


Number outriggers 2

Crane control unit right

Crane position back frame

Cranedata hydraulicextensions 2

Cranedata pallethook

Cranedata rotator


Height of loading floor 140 cm

Net weight 13350

Wheelbase 505 (1-2), 140 (2-3)

Chassis height 110 cm

Fuel capacity 305 liters

Tyre condition 40/65/80

Tyre size (front) 13R22.5

Tyre size (rear) 13R22.5


Engine brand Renault

Engine power (hp) 370

Gearbox type Gearbox manual

Gearbox brand ZF

Number of gears 16

Euro standard 3

Differential lock

Cruise control


Cabin type Day cabin


Dimensions 680x250x80 cm


Additional information TRUCK // Diff. lock, Cruise control, ZF manual gearbox, Full steel suspension, Tyres 13R22.5, Day cabin, Analogue tachograph // SUPERSTRUCTURE // Steel/wood platform, Surface 680x250x80 cm, Head board height 200 cm, Rear board height 80 cm, Load bed height 140 cm // CRANE // Hiab 144 BS-2 Duo, Mounted at rear of chassis, 2 hydraulic extensions (4800kg/2.7m, 3100kg/4.0m, 2100kg/5.9m, 1600kg/7.8m), Rotator, Pallet hook, Max. outreach 7.8 m, Max. lifting moment 14.5 tm (142 kNm), 2 Support legs, Remote control, Year of manufacture 2005 // Shipment dimensions 1030x250x370 cm.