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Price information

Price € 43500.00


Id number M527094

Brand M.A.N.

Type TGA 41.480 8x4 manual + Retarder / 120.000 kg

1st registration date08/10/08 (d/m/y)

V.i.n. WMA39SZZ68M527094

Mileage (km) 148530

Country of registration PT

Dimensions 850x250x320


Number of axles 4

Configuration 8x4

Suspension steel

Air suspension seat

Drivers side

Co-drivers side


Net weight 11450

Gross combined weight 160000

Gross weight 41000

Wheelbase 180 (1-2), 255 (2-3), 140 (3-4)

Chassis height 120 cm

Fifth wheel height 145 cm

Fuel capacity 910 liters

Trailer coupling

Tyre condition 50/30/65/65

Tyre size (front) 385/65R22.5

Tyre size (rear) 315/80R22.5


Engine brand Man

Engine power (hp) 480

Gearbox type Gearbox manual

Gearbox brand ZF

Engine brake

Type retarder ZF intarder

Number of gears 16

Euro standard 4

Differential lock

Cruise control

Traction control


Cabin type Low roof



Auxillary heating

Beds 1


Additional information Euro 4, ABS, Diff. lock, ZF Intarder, Traction control, Cruise control, ZF manual gearbox (16 gears), Full steel suspension, 2 Steering axles, Front tires 385/65R22.5, Rear tires 315/80R22.5, Kingpin height 145 cm, Drawbar trailer couplin (Rockinger), Low roof cabin, 1 Bed, Air conditioning, Night heater, Digital tachograph, Shipment dimensions 850x250x320 cm.