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Price information

Price € 33000.00


Id number R000429

Brand Renault

Type Kerax 370.32 DXI + HMF 2003 K-3 + rotator

1st registration date08/03/07 (d/m/y)

V.i.n. VF634FPA000000429

Mileage (km) 327150

Country of registration FR

Dimensions 1090x250x365


Number of driven axles 2

Number of axles 4

Suspension steel


Crane manufacturer HMF

Type of crane 2000 K-3

Year off 2007

Maximum crane length 10.7 m

Maximum weight crane 4100 kg at 4.5 m, 1575 kg at 10.7 m


Number outriggers 2

Crane controls both

Crane position back frame

Cranedata hydraulicextensions 3

Cranedata pallethook

Cranedata rotator


Height of loading floor 145 cm

Net weight 16600

Gross weight 32000 / 35500

Wheelbase 205 (1-2), 360 (2-3), 135 (3-4)

Chassis height 115 cm

Fuel capacity 450 liters

Tyre condition 80/70/50/80

Tyre size (front) 13R22.5

Tyre size (rear) 13R22.5


Engine brand Volvo

Engine type DXI 11 370 EC06

Engine power (hp) 370

Gearbox type Gearbox manual

Gearbox brand ZF

Number of gears 16

Euro standard 4

Differential lock

Cruise control

Traction control


Cabin type Day cabin



Dimensions 745x250x80 cm

Bulkcapaciteit 15 m3


Additional information HMF 2003 K-3 loading crane with pallet hook and rotator, Mounted at back of chassis, 3 Hydraulic extensions, Max. lifting capacity 4100 kg at 4.5 m (1575 kg at 10.7 m), Max. hydraulic outreach 10.7 m, Remote control, 2 Support legs, Year of manufacture 2007 // Euro 4, Volvo DXI engine, ZF manual gearbox (16-speed), Full steel suspension, Traction control, Cruise control, Tyres 13R22.5, Platform length 745 cm, Removable side boards (height 80 cm), Loading height 145 cm, Day cabin, Air conditioning, Digital tacho, Shipment dimensions 1090x250x365 cm.